We love to create!


We are a team that loves creating amazing CGI. Therefore out of pure passion Dabarti Studio was established.

We do:

We create CGI 3D animations, images and visual effects for advertisement and entertainment.



What we can do:

We can provide full animation service – from simple custom modifications of our existing videos to full complex projects. This includes:

– Concept Art and Design

–  Production Paintings, Story boards and Matte Paintings.

– High quality organic and non-organic 3d model creation with shading and texturing.

– Photorealistic or stylized lighting and rendering for animation, print or architecture.

– Animation, effects and simulation.

– Compositing and Grading.

– On-site service and vfx supervising.

We are working only on fully legal and up-to-date software. It includes: 3Ds Max 2011-2013, V-Ray, NukeX, After Effects, Z-Brush, Photoshop, Modo and many more different plugins. We do take extra care data safety and backups as well as have strict NDA policy.

Any queries or availability questions please send to [email protected] . To make things smooth, please provide as much information as possible, including deadlines, budgets etc. You can also message studio director –  Tomasz Wyszolmirski on Skype,Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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