Dabarti Capture is our in-house the tool for generating Surface Normal, Albedo and Depth (displacement) maps from multiple photographs. Works best for non-reflective diffused lambertian surfaces.


In recent months I’ve been obsessed with getting proper bump map for shading. I couldn’t get the results I hoped for with any tool available in the market so I just decided to find better way of doing it. After developing initial workflow and getting some amazing results I was bombarded with questions. This tool and workflow is the answer to those who dared to ask: “How?”.

Enjoy Lite version, free for commercial and non-commercial use. Limited to 1024px. If that’s not enough for you – Support us by Buying Pro Version which costs only $39.

Above all, use this tool to push your shading and texturing to the next level.

From Dabarti with Love – Tomasz Wyszołmirski


  1. Capture set of photographs (minimum 3) from single point of view.
  2. Capture each shot with different light conditions. Directional light like flashlight works great.
  3. Make sure to have shiny spherical object in the shots for light calibration.
  4. Create mask for the spherical probe, call probe_mask.jpg . Check sample set that comes with installation.
  5. Process those photos with Dabarti Capture (capture.exe) to get Normal, Albedo and Depth map (displacement).
  6. Use those maps wisely by creating some kick-ass renders.
  7. Videotutorial