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Dabarti Light Assistant

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Light Assistant helps with aligning reflections and adjusting the parameters of V-Ray lights.

Main features:

  • Interactively ALIGN lights reflection directly on the geometry. Hold shift for “Rim Light Mode”.
  • Interactively change light distance, size and rotation in ADJUST mode..
  • Quickly control V-Ray Light properties with “Light Lister” like interface.
  • Adjust light intensity using Exposure Value (EV).
  • Align and Adjust modes work well with some non V-Ray lights.
  • 10 Softbox presets in material library included.
  • Designed to work perfectly with V-Ray GPU (RT)
  • Added Corona Support




Download : Dabarti_Light_Assistant_v0.901 (24th November 2017)

(Please link directly to this page as the tool gets constant updates this version will be outdated in near future.)

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VRaymtl maps baking script,

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New free script from us – V-ray maps baking script. v0.05


Bakes texture maps: Diffuse, Reflection, Refraction, Reflection Glossiness, Refraction Glossiness, Normal Bump, Fresnel IOR, Opacity, Illumination.

Creates VRayMtl with all textures correctly assigned.

Can convert exr to jpg using djv_converter.exe (part of the )

Ability to load custom render settings preset for baking. It reverts back to old preset.

Before baking:


After Baking:

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GrowFX first look – free model.

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I’ve been asked to share a bit more information and some settings for a tree created for my GrowFX first look review. So I decided to simply share max file with you. Grab your free model here:

GrowFX first look free model

It requires GrowFX (beta 1.8 used) and 3ds max 2010-2012.

Also If any of you are using GrowFX 1.7, please let me know if the file works well. I would love to know if it has backward compatibility.